» Rules and prizes
  • Playing NBA Manager is easy and simple. Just follow these four steps:
  • Step 1: Log on to http://nbamanager.basketme.net . Click on "Register" and complete the registration form (in English). Fill in all required fields. Don't forget that the e-mail address you enter must be valid or your registration request will not be accepted.
  • Step 2: At the NBA Manager entry page, fill in the user name and password you chose at registration. Click Enter.
  • Step 3: Click on "Create Team". The new page you reach will have six empty slots for players. Click on the "SIGN" buttons to purchase 6 players up to a limit of $4,000,000. Each group of players appear according to position in a pop-up window with their purchase price in dollars. Buy a player for each of the 6 slots (2 guards, 2 forwards, 1 center, and 1 sixth man from any position). A team with less than 6 players will not be valid.
  • Step 4: Once you have chosen all 6 players for $4,000,000 or fewer, write a team name, and click on "Confirm", a button you will find above your team players. Click on "Confirm" and you have your NBA Manager team!
  • Don't forget that you can change as many players as you wish before the official start of the NBA Playoffs in April 18, all 6 if you like.
  • NBA Manager is a simulation game that allows users to show their skills in creating virtual basketball teams consisting of players who take part in the 2015 NBA Playoffs. Each NBA Manager team will consist of 6 players at a time. A NBA Manager team's round score will be based on the official index efficiency average of all 6 players and the success of their teams in real NBA games. The 6th man, however, will score his half average efficiency. The weekly and cumulative scores of all participating NBA Manager teams will determine rankings.
  • Example:
  •           - Stephen Curry has an average of 23.5 efficiency points during the first round.
              - Dwyane Wade has an average of 20.0 efficiency points during the first round.
              - Lebron James has an average of 32.7 efficiency points during the first round.
              - Tim Duncan has an average of 17.3 efficiency points during the first round.
              - Dwight Howard has an average of 19.0 efficiency points during the first round.
              - My 6th man is Kevin Durant, that has an average of 35.0 efficiency points during the first round.
              - I'll win 130.0 points at the final of the first round: 23.5 + 20.0 + 32.7 + 17.3 + 19.0 + (35.0 / 2) = 130
  • NBA Manager will start on April 18 and will last until the final date of the NBA Finals. Participants may register teams at any time from the launch of the 2015 NBA Manager.
  • Each team will have an initial budget of $4,000,000 and must put together a team with six (6) players distributed as follows:
  •           2 guards
              2 forwards
              1 center
              1 sixth man belonging to any position
  • A team with less than six (6) players on its roster once the round begins will not be a valid team. Such teams will receive no score for that round. The substitution period begins shortly after all NBA games of the round are complete and will expire a few minutes before the start of the next round's first game.
  • Each official NBA player will get his own NBA Manager score for each and every NBA game in which he officially plays one second or more. His score will be the equivalent of his official NBA statistical average index efficiency in that round. The average index efficiency is calculated as follows:
  • Index rating = (PTS + ASS + REB + BLK + STL + FLD + FT1M + FG2M + FG3M - TO - FOULS - FT1A - FG2A - FG3A) / GP
  • PTS = points scored, ASS = assists, REB = rebounds, BLK = blocks made, STL = steals, FLD = fouls drawn, FT1M = free throws made, FG2M = two-point shots made, FG3M = three-point shots made, TO = turnovers, FOULS = fouls committed, FT1A = free throws attempted, FG2A = two-point shots attempted, FG3A = three-point shots attempted, GP = games played during the round
  • Players who do not appear in a round will receive a NBA Manager score of zero (0) for that round.
  • The score of each NBA Manager team is obtained adding the individual scores of its six (6) players, negative scores included. For the sixth man, only the half of his average efficiency will be added. Each NBA Manager team will have a score of each round and, starting the second round, an accumulated score. New weekly and accumulated standings for all NBA Manager teams will be published after the conclusion of each round of NBA games.
  • A starting budget of $4,000,000 for the purchase of 6 players is available to each new NBA Manager team.
  • An individual purchase price in dollars has been established before the season.
  • The price of players may rise or fall after the season begins, depending on their average index ratings in NBA games and the success of their teams. Index efficiency points will be applied to each player's price in dollars at a rate of one to 70,000 (1 index efficiency point = 70,000 dollars). A player's price may not go up or down more than 15% from one round to the next, although his average index rating may keep his price rising or falling. No player's price can fall below 45,000 dollars. There is no maximum price in dollars for a player.
  • Before the start of the NBA Playoffs, players may be bought and sold freely up to the limit of 6 players and 4,000,000 total dollars per team.
  • If fewer than 4,000,000 dollars are spent at the time of creating a NBA Manager team, the extra dollars remain available for use in the future. The worth of a NBA Manager team may rise above 4,000,000 dollars due to increases in the value of that team's players.
  • The NBA Manager will calculate and publish the following standings each round:
  •           1. Top score, current round
              2. Top score, overall
              3. Most team budget
              4. Monthly standings

  • The following prizes will be awarded:
  •           Overall Champion: The winner will receive a Cavaliers' Lebron James jersey, a Warriors' Stephen Curry jersey, the book "Sports Illustrated Basketball's Greatest" and the game NBA 2K15 for PC.
              Broker Basket Champion: The winner will receive a Cavaliers' Lebron James jersey, a Warriors' Stephen Curry jersey, the book "Sports Illustrated Basketball's Greatest" and the game NBA 2K15 for PC.
              Overall runner-up: The 2nd ranked in the overall standings, will receive a Cavaliers' Lebron James jersey OR a Warriors' Stephen Curry jersey, and the game NBA 2K15 for PC.
  • NBA Manager winners will be notified by registered e-mail and/or telephone within seven days of the end of the round in which they have won a prize.
  • To receive a prize, the winner must respond to notification by e-mail within 15 days of being notified that he or she has won. After 15 days without response from the winner, or in the case that the winner be inaccessible by either e-mail or telephone, the prize may be revoked.
  • All prize deliveries will be arranged directly with the winner following his or her response to notification of having won. BasketMe will not be responsible for possible loss or damage to the prize in shipping.
  • All users must accept all rules, regulations, terms and conditions in order for registration to be considered complete and a NBA Manager team created. The rules, regulations, terms and conditions in English are the official versions. BasketMe retains the right to disqualify any team that does not follow these rules and change the name of a team if the name chosen by the user is considered offensive. In that case, the name will be changed to the user name followed by a team identification number. For any comment regarding this game please write to ten.emteksab@ofni.